It looks like Apple’s going a bit nuts on the “shot on iPhone” campaign this year, at least when it comes to video. Selena Gomez recently shot an entire music video with it, albeit one that doesn’t really tax the iPhone’s camera all that much. Now, they’ve put one in the hands John Wick, Deadpool 2 And Hobbs & Shaw director David Leitch.

His creation is a snowball fight of epic proportions called “Snowbrawl”. It’s the type of family Christmas video that the rest of us could only dream of shooting. With any type of camera. As one would expect from somebody like John Leitch, it’s packed full of action, stunts and slow motion.

Apple also released a behind-the-scenes video showing the making of Snowbrawl. It was shot entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro, although, as the BTS video shows, they used some pretty serious other hardware to make it all come together including boom mics, crash mats, oh and a full complement of crew and stuntmen showing the kids how to do all those crazy jumps, falls and slides.

A lot of the shots appear to have been handheld at 4K 60fps and we see what looks like a Freevision Premium smartphone gimbal in use here and there. But there’s also a lot of cool rigging shown off in the BTS with the phone attached to various props (like the trash can lid) that were used in the action sequences.

I think it’d be pretty difficult for most of us to try to replicate anything even close to this, but it does make you think about where and how you might be able to attach a phone to something to get some unique perspectives that you wouldn’t be able to with bigger cameras.

[via Cult of Mac]