If you regularly collaborate online with others, particularly if you shoot video, you’ll know the hassles of transferring large amounts of data across the Internet. But it needs to be done. Many of us use services like WeTransfer, but now there’s another option. Dropbox has announced that their Dropbox Transfer file-sharing service is now out of beta.

It offers up to a 100GB file size limit, depending on the type of dropbox account you have, beating out WeTransfer’s paid “Pro” account 20GB limit by quite a wide margin. Some might thing even 20GB is a lot, but given the size of files created by cameras these days, particularly for video, it’s not really that much at all.

The service had previously only been available to beta testers. But it allows anybody to share files with anybody, even if the recipient doesn’t have a Dropbox account. Files can be password protected and have expiry dates. The content is then shared using private links.

Dropbox Transfer, Dropbox says, offers several advantages over using your regular Dropbox account to share a file or folder…

  • Transfer owners can see how many times a file has been transferred or downloaded
  • Files shared via Dropbox Transfer won’t appear in the recipient’s Dropbox folder
  • Transfers automatically expire after 7 dates.
  • It’s read-only, recipients can’t edit files within a transfer

The amount of data you can transfer does depend on the type of Dropbox account you have, although as mentioned, a Dropbox account is not required for the recipient. Dropbox has published a list of the limits at each of the different account levels.

  • Basic (free): 100MB
  • Plus or Business Standard: 2GB
  • Professional: 100GB
  • Business Advanced, Enterprise or Education: 100GB

If you’re a free user, you’re probably better off sticking with WeTransfer, which offers a 2GB limit for free users. For Dropbox Professional, Business Advanced, Enterprise or Education plan users, though, you can also customise the background of the transfer and add a custom logo to tailor it to your brand.

You can read more about it on the Dropbox website, but if you’re a power Dropbox user, and you’re regularly sending files to clients and collaborators, it looks pretty handy.

[via DPReview]