Wandrd burst onto the scene relatively recently as a new company with a range of new bags for photographers. One particular bag, the Wandrd Duo launched on Kickstarter to a tremendous reception, raising over $650,000. It’s a very interesting bag, offering a unique look at photography backpacks. We caught up with Wandrd at PhotoPlus 2019 to see one in person and find out more about it.

On the outside, the Wandrd Dui looks much like any other backpack, with various flaps and zips. And it can also function like a regular photography backpack, too, with top and side access. But one of the big features of the Duo is that it can “unwrap” completely, offering full access to all of the pockets in each part of the inside.

It’s designed to be a daily workhorse for creatives and travellers who want more from their gear. Inside it contains a bunch of padded expansion pockets for lenses, hard drives, small cameras and other valuables. There are also zipper pockets, cord organisers, large and small mesh pockets, as well as a hidden passport pocket. The back panel also offers a pass-through slot for the handle of a suitcase.

While the Wandrd Duo is not IP rated, they claim that it can handle pretty much any weather conditions you choose to throw at it, making it an attractive option for anybody living in areas with a lot of rain and bad weather. Or for travel photographers heading out to extreme locations.

Did you back the Wandrd Duo campaign?  If you did, your bag should be getting shipped out this month, and then they’ll become available for sale to everybody else for $219 at some point before Christmas. Overall, it looks pretty impressive, even for the regular retail price. You can find out more on the Wandrd website.

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