Long before Instagram, Hipstamatic was once the camera app to have on your smartphone. It’s taken a bit of a back seat to the social media platform giant, as well as other apps like Snapseed, Lightroom Mobile, and others since then, though. But now Hipstamatic has returned with a new free app; Hipstamatic X.

Perhaps not surprisingly, given the “X” moniker, the app is currently only available for the iPhone. It’s a “new and improved” version of their old classic.

Unlike Instagram and the other apps mentioned, in which you generally shoot a photograph and then manually apply your filters, Hipstamatic essentially transforms your camera into the filtered version by default. They’re applied automatically as soon as you hit the shutter.

The filters it applies include Art House, Fisheye, Disposable, Tintype, Pinhole and a number of others. It’s designed to add an element of “fun” back into your photography, that feeling of old classic toy cameras that don’t really give you a whole lot of control. And before you dismiss them completely, even former White House photographer Pete Souza would use Hipstamatic on occasion.

Although the app itself is free to download, it does include an in-app purchase, which is a subscription to the Hipstamatic Makers Club for “about two bucks per month”. This subscription gives you complete access to Hipstamatic’s full preset library, all cameras and more than 100 lenses and film types released over the last ten years, allowing you to “build” your own custom analogue camera.

More camera styles are planned for the future and Hipstamatic Makers Club subscribers will receive early access to them.

There’s no word on an Android version, but it’s unlikely that we’ll see one.

You can find out more and download the app for free on the Hipstamatic website.

[via OM]